Create life-changing support groups in your church.

We help you mobilize teams of enthusiastic and dedicated lay leaders. So far, we’ve equipped over 30,000 churches worldwide for biblical, Christ-centered support group ministry.

Three strategic components for effective lay-led support groups:

Care & comfort
for hurting people
Outreach to your
Equipped & trained
lay ministry teams

1Care & comfort for hurting people

People who experience a life crisis like grief or divorce need ongoing support and encouragement. They need practical help.

“It changed my life at a time when I thought my life was over.”

Group member

Pastors and church staff don’t have time to meet all the needs of these hurting individuals. But there are people, right in your own congregation, who have a passion for this kind of ministry. Often, they’ve been through similar struggles and want to lead others to the hope and healing they’ve discovered.

Our support group curriculums help you prepare a team of highly motivated people to lead effective support group ministries through your local church.

“A place where many people can begin putting their lives back together again.”

2Outreach to your community

The brokenhearted in your community are crying out for hope.

Many won’t attend a Sunday service at your church. But they will attend a support group. This is “side-door” ministry—drawing people to your congregation who wouldn’t normally enter your front door on a Sunday morning.

“When do people most often come to church?
It’s when there has been pain in their life.”


In addition to helping those already in your congregation, our teaching materials equip you to provide weekly support and encouragement to people who might otherwise never have contact with your church.

“We have seen people come to Christ, shattered lives healed.”

3Equipped & trained lay ministry teams

Our programs could actually free up time for pastors and staff at your church.

We help you tap the passion and abilities of lay leaders—individuals in your church who have experienced a life crisis and are called to help others who face similar struggles.

“The training touched a passion deep inside of me, which has been buried for all these years.”


Often, these motivated people want to serve, but don’t know where to begin. Our resources provide the tools that will help them succeed.

“My husband always wondered where his ministry was—well, this is it!”

Unique curriculum design

Church Initiative programs equip lay volunteers for successful church-sponsored ministry. Our programs feature:

Dynamic weekly videos featuring
leading Christian experts

Workbook with Bible study
for group members

Extensive promotional support

Comprehensive leader training

Free access to consultants
for startup and ongoing support

“I have never had a curriculum come with such support.”

100+ leading Christian experts

Church Initiative programs feature the contributions of more than 100 respected pastors, counselors, authors, and speakers, including:

Dr. Larry Crabb
Zoricelis Davila
Elyse Fitzpatrick
Hank Hanegraaff
Dr. Andreas Köstenberger
Dr. Crawford Loritts
Dr. Linda Mintle
Dr. Elias Moitinho
Lois Rabey
Dave Ramsey
Dr. Paul David Tripp
Dr. Stephen Viars
Dr. Edward T. Welch
Dr. Thelma Wells
H. Norman Wright

See the full list of experts for DivorceCare, GriefShare, and Single & Parenting.

What pastors and leaders say about our programs

“We consistently find it to be one of our best ministries.”
“This has been a high point of more than 30 years of ministry.”
“In my 15 years of pastoring this church, I know for certain that having DivorceCare has been the most exciting part of my career.”
“Of all the different types of support ministries that I have had the honor to shepherd and lead, DivorceCare has the greatest opportunity for helping those in sorrow and pain.”
“Requires no formal training—just a compassionate heart.”
Group leader
“What an awesome outreach!”

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DivorceCare for Kids is a care group designed to bring healing and hope to children of divorce.

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Single & Parenting is a support group program for single parents who are divorced, widowed, or never-married.

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